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So As Not To Spend More Money
Posted on 06/22/09
When I heard about the upcoming iPhone 3GS I was excited. My iPhone 3G had a cracked screen that was getting worse by the day and I'd convinced myself that $299 was actually reasonable in lieu of taking on the risky effort of repairing my own phone. Then AT&T dropped the bomb that current iPhone 3G customers would have to pay a hefty $200 surcharge, on top of the $299, and in addition to extending your contract for two years, to get the new phone. Suddenly the repair effort seemed like the way to go, if only to avoid being intentionally screwed by AT&T!

I'd originally noticed just a crack, but started losing pixels about a week later. Because of the pixels, I assumed that both the glass digitizer and the LCD were destroyed. Here I'm running the free Flashlight app so you can see massive number of the dead pixels.

I bought the replacement parts from a dealer on eBay for around $80 including p
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