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Garden Update
Posted on 07/18/09
The tomatoes are out of control. The photo below was taken before I spent some time cleaning them up a bit. Compare it to the one I posted previously to see what I mean. The cherry tomatoes are exceptionally hardy and have reached 6' tall. Although I've since pulled them back and tied 'em into the bamboo trellis I built, they were lying across all of the other ones forcing them down to the ground.
The sunflowers are nice, although I've had to add some bamboo to keep them upright. We had a bit of a storm last night.

Other than that, we have various peppers coming in (jalapenos, green, yellow, red), as well as yellow squash and green beans. The beans seemed to have been ravaged by something, as well as one of the pepper plants. The broccoli was pretty much a bust, althogh I've been told I can try again with another planting in August. the brussels sprouts are in, but apparently won't be 'sprouting' until the fall.
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