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Parting Is Such Sweet So... Errr... Meh.
Posted on 10/05/09
Okay, I will miss it I guess, but really it just wasn't the ideal vehicle for me anymore. Here are some final thoughts about my dear, departed '07 Honda Element EX.

Pros: Versatile, drove like a small car, comfortable, decent mileage, cool, cute, agile, quick, utilitarian, stick shift, great color, flexible, decent stereo with aux-in.

Cons: The reverse-opening rear doors just suck (not much more convenient than a two door) especially with a baby seat, cargo area always seemed too small (impossible to fit 8' lumber even with the front seats down), stick shift (my wife can't drive it), lack of always-on lighter sockets (a lot of cars fall short there actually), arm rests too low, serious lack of covered storage compartments, rear sunroof you never use, anything you put on the rubber floor will eventually end up under the brake pedal.

By the way, the sale at CarMax went wonderfully. After having no luck at all with eBay and Craigslist, I drove it do
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