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Let's Start The Kitchen
Posted on 07/31/05
One of the strange things about this place was the kitchen flooring. Basically they used bricks, right on top of the slab. I really can't figure it out, because the bricks were obviously put into place before the doors into the utility closet and the kitchen pantry... but the original cabinets were put in place before the brick! That was a scary thing by the way, the brick went up to the cabinet kickplate. So instead of having a 4" toekick, it was only about a half inch high and full of forty years worth of crap that couldn't be cleaned. Ick!

Anyway, as you might have noticed in the earlier photos, there's a gap in the kitchen floor where the cabinets used to be. This weekend I built up a riser to fill that gap, and started hanging a few of the new cabinets.

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