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140 Bags Of Leaves
Posted on 04/23/06
Spent the weekend working on the Manahawkin house. Trimmed back a lot of the trees and bagged more leaves than I'd thought one person could possibly do in a weekend. One hundred and forty big bags of leaves are sitting along the road in front of the house. I'm sore and tiured but the house is ready to go on the market. The place actually looks pretty good.

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Loose Ends
Posted on 02/13/06
Spent the weekend in Jersey and cleaned up some loose ends at the house. Finished trimming out the airconditioner window, touched up some paint here and there, did some caulking. The thing's really coming along. I need to find a nice day to do all the work outdoors, but it looks like I can start thinking about listing it soon.
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Finished The Countertop
Posted on 12/12/05
I finished installing the edging on the coutertops this weekend, as well as a backing on the upper cabinets. Used acombination stain/urethane on everything and it worked really well. The edging actually looks better than I'd expected, although there are still some gaps that in the 45 degree angle parts near the sink. Oh well, can't be helped.

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Posted on 11/26/05
The kitchen counter in Manahawkin is laminated and the sink is installed. Everything is working and I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I still have to figure out what I'm going to do with the back of the cabinets. last time I was here I bought some low stools to put next to the big overhang I built into the countertop. It makes a nice little breakfast bar.

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Floors Are In
Posted on 11/06/05
The flooring and new carpeting is done. What a change over the bare concrete and brick. Amazing.

That done, I started tackling the kitchen countertop. The first step was to build the base out of particleboard. I was hoping to get it laminated this weekend, but that didn't happen. I'm happy with how the thing came out though, and it fits to the wall nicely. I also got a chance to buy and install some of that tile-paneling on the kitchen wall. I'm actually really happy with how that turned out. It really cleaned up the room.

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Kitchen Cheek Wall
Posted on 09/16/05
Had to build the wall between the kitchen and the dining room this weekend. My orginal plan was to build it taller than the cabinets and do a two level countertop and a backsplash on the kitchen side. I'm glad I spoke to Jimmy first. Apparently that would mean more electrical work, since you need an outlet every x number of inches along kitchen walls, and if you have a backsplash they'll consider that a section of "wall".

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Posted on 09/03/05
Worked on the kitchen cabinets this weekend. Interestingly the cabinets running perpendicular to the wall were just a hair too long. I ended up having to put a single panel of sheetrock on the end to thicken it just enough. Of course that meant new corner bead and lots of spackle.

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Let's Start The Kitchen
Posted on 07/31/05
One of the strange things about this place was the kitchen flooring. Basically they used bricks, right on top of the slab. I really can't figure it out, because the bricks were obviously put into place before the doors into the utility closet and the kitchen pantry... but the original cabinets were put in place before the brick! That was a scary thing by the way, the brick went up to the cabinet kickplate. So instead of having a 4" toekick, it was only about a half inch high and full of forty years worth of crap that couldn't be cleaned. Ick!

Anyway, as you might have noticed in the earlier photos, there's a gap in the kitchen floor where the cabinets used to be. This weekend I built up a riser to fill that gap, and started hanging a few of the new cabinets.

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My Vanity
Posted on 07/18/05
This weekend I built the bathroom vanity. Jimmy set me up with a nice vanity face with a set of doors, as well as a countertop with a built in bowl. So as opposed to a complete cabinet, I have a front, and a top, I'll need to build the floor and put two-bys on the walls to hold the vanity. After I patched the great gaping holes Tim had left in the wall, I repainted and built the whole thing into place. Had to trim the countertop with a radial saw, and size the cabinet face with trim, but it worked really well and I'm happy with the results.
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Hot Water
Posted on 07/02/05
Tim installed all the new plumbing and the new tub surround. All that remains is to caulk around the base of the surround and touch up where his tape damaged the paint. Unfortunately he cut big holes in the walls around the bathroom vanity so I'm going to have to patch those, and since they used that frickin' texture paint in there i'm going to have to spackle everything and try to make it bumpy. Grrr... The only other disappointment is that Tim re-used the crappy chunk of plywood in the utility closet. Unfortunately it can't be replaced now becuase it's underneath the water heater. Looks like shite.

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