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Ready For The New Plumbing
Posted on 05/29/05
Everything should be ready for Tim. I cleaned the hell out of the utility closet and put a few coats of paint on the floor and everywhere else. Looks great, nice and bright. He's also going to replace the plywood shelf so everything looks new.

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It continues...
Posted on 05/16/05
Finished up the spackling and painting in the bathroom this weekend, at least so far as to let Tim get in here and install the tub surround for me. Still working on the rest of the house. There's still a llot of paint scraping and spackling to do, especially under all the windows.

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Plumbing and Spackling
Posted on 04/04/05
Well, i didn't do the plumbing myself. I brought in a plumber to asses the situation. Yep, as i had suspected I'll need a new water heater, a new well tank, and some pipe. The said they can repair the pipes right away so I set them at it while I went off to Home Depot. Six hundred bucks later and I have water, more or less. No hot water, and the well pump runs constantly when the tap is on, but at least I don't have leaks in the walls. That done I started putting the new walls around the tub (trying to match the texture paint by pulling the spackle with a sponge), and spackling the other damage throughout the house. Unfortunately it's raining and the humidity is keeping the spackle from drying. On bedroom had apparently been painted hot pink and the tenants must have given it a single coat of white. Gonna take a lot more white to cover that.

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Kitchen/Bath Demolition
Posted on 03/07/05
No more Kitchen at the Manahawkin place. Also tore the carpet out of the entire house. The place still smells mildewy, and it's too damn cold to open the windows and air it out. I also had fun removing the cheap wainscoting they had installed. Cheap paneling and even cheaper, poorly installed plastic trim. I'll leave the curtains up for a while. I don't wantt he place to look completely abandoned during the week.

In the bathroom I tore out the countertop and the tub surround, which covered crumbling tile and sheetrock, which I also removed. The walls are painted a sickly green color. The whole place will be repainted, so I guess that isn't such a big deal. Unfortunately the walls in the bathroom are painted with an awful texture paint. Dad thinks I should just pull all the walls down, but that seems like a lot of work for very little benefit. The tiles suck too, but I'm not about to retile. hopefully I can clea
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Git Yer House Back...
Posted on 02/28/05
Now that the deadbeat tenants have been evicted, I get to see what I'm going have to deal with down in Manahawkin. It isn't pretty. The place is a wreck. Not only does it look bad and smell pretty funky, but they moved out a few days prior to the eviction hearing and shut off the electricity. It was really cold. Turns out that I have a bunch of frozen pipes and most likely the water heater and well pressure tank are busted as well. But hey, they left me a boat! Time to start the demolition.

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