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Moving Out
Posted on 01/03/04
A final look at the garage. I was always really happy with my garage shelves. My dad said that the house would fall down before they did, and although he was being sarcastic (he thought they were WAY overbuilt), I was still really proud of them. The shelves in the back easily held engine blocks, tires, wheels and anything I could physically lift onto them. The shelves up front are a little lighter, but still incredibly sturdy. I also really liked how the two-tone paint turned out, as the horizontal color change actually always served to make the garage look neater, no matter how messy it was.

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Shelves Up In The Livingroom
Posted on 09/23/03
Click to see annotated images...

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Bedroom Shelves
Posted on 10/01/02
Remember a few years ago when I did that bedroom closet project? Well, originally the plan called for a set of drawers at the bottom of the center section (see 9/25/2000). Anyway, I've been looking for someone to build those drawers for a long, long, long time. I certainly wasn't going to tackle it, I know nothing about woodoworking, at least not enough to pull of somehting like cureved drawer fronts. Well, I needed to do something, I was completelt tired of looking at that blank space. I present... the shelves...

Note that the two shelves, as well as the top, are removable. There's also a 6" removable panel at the top of the rear wall to access the hidden four-outlet electrical box behind there. Remember that? Good place for those ubiquitous power supplies. At that point you simply run the wires up through a gap I left at the top of the removable panel, then through a small keyhole cutout at the back of the top shelf. You can just about see the cutout in the photo abov
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Another Shot Of The Bed
Posted on 08/23/02
Okay, so i like my new bed.

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Bed Frame Arrives
Posted on 08/15/02
My bed has arrived from Piper, I can finally pull the mattress and box spring off the floor and build it up. I bought and cut some wood for slats, and I'm savaging some extra long tow straps I have to hold the slats together. Dell thinks it's comfy.

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Bed Design Complete
Posted on 07/17/02
I finally did the bed drawings for Mitch Piper. Mitch is a friend and owns Piper Motorsports, a high-end race car fabrication shop down the road in Manassas Park. He's an artist when it comes to race car fabrication and welding. Anyway, this type of work is probably below him, but he'll be welding the frame up for me. i put this drawing together to show him what I need.
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Hinged Mirror - Roman Shades
Posted on 03/01/01
I wanted a full-length mirror in the bedroom, but really couldn't find anywhere to put it. I really didn't just want to put it on the wall in the middle of the room. The back of the door was a decent idea, but you'd have to have the door closed completely to use it, otherwise it's pointing at the closet. Maybe the bedroom-side of the master bathroom door? Might work, but then it's at the end of the little alcove. No, a better idea is to mount it on the wall... on hinges. So it lays flat on the wall when not in use, and swings out slightly to point into the room.

You also might notice the new window coverings. Originally I had yellow curtains, nice, but not exactly what I'm looking for. I found some blue roman shades at Ikea that seem to work perfectly. I also hung some sheer roman shades behind them. Notice the beads I tied into the shade pulls. The bead, along with a cup hook mounted to the wall, allow me to hook the shades into a number of posi
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Bathroom Lighting, Finished
Posted on 02/20/01
Done. Three small drop lights from Ikea. I wanted some other lights with dark blue glass, but the costs are crazy expensive, and these actually look okay, and were only around $12 each. The lights were actually designed to be plugged in, so I had to make the ceiling plates myself, but that was easy with some round cover plate blanks.

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Bathroom Lighting
Posted on 02/12/01
I'm really sick of the floruescent light valance in my bathroom. First, it's flourescent, which I hate. Second, the bathroom's small already and this overhang makes the thing feel tiny. I'm going to rip it down and put in some hanging lamps.

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Let There Be Lamp
Posted on 12/22/00
Here's the lamp I made for my bedroom. It's made out of four clamp lights and a bathroom grab-bar. Okay, pretty simple, I know, but have you ever tried to drill holes in a stainless steel bathroom grab-bar? No, I didn't think so. What a pain in the ass! Snaking the wiring through it was no picnic either.

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