installing animated cursors
  Copy the files to the WINDOWS/CURSORS subdirectory on your computer (replace WINDOWS with the name of your windows subdirectory if necessary).

Click on the START button, choose Settings, then Control Panel. When the Control Panel opens, Double-Click on Mouse, which opens the Mouse Properties window. From the tabs at the top of the window, select Pointers. In the large window at the center, choose the pointer style you would like to replace, then click Browse. You will be presented with a file selection box listing the contents of your WINDOWS/CURSORS subdirectory. Select the new cursor which you would like to use.

I designed SPINLOGO.ANI and SPINLOGO2.ANI to replace the standard hourglass cursor used when the computer is Busy, the file M-DOUBLE-SPOKE.ANI replaces the hourglass-with- arrow cursor used when Windows95 is Working In Background. January 3, 1997

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