Second Annual Western Maryland Adventure Race
Cunningham Falls State Park
Thurmont, MD
Sunday April 8, 2001
(Photos by Rob Lawrence)
3.5 Mile Trail Run - 30 Yard Crawl - 1.1 Mile Canoe - 150 Yard Portage - 1.1 Mile Canoe - 150 Yard Portage - 11 Mile Mountain Bike - 2 Mile Trail Run - 30 Yard Crawl   Time: 3:45

Beth and I before the race.

Beth catching up on the crawl.

Beth passes!

Backing into the fog.

The toughest part about carrying the canoe was figuring out HOW to carry it.

Back down for the second mile.

Surprisingly I finished the first run before Beth.


Dragging the canoe.

Getting back from the first mile.

Off into the fog again.

Bike shoes on.

Getting ready for the mountain bike section.

That hump looks unnatural. It's my black t-shirt, I guess I stuffed it in there to keep it clean.

More Mud.

We put the canoe in backwards by mistake.


Second stint.

We poured the water out to make it lighter.

Final crawl.

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