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  New animated BMW cursors for Windows95 and NT4.0 featuring 3D Roundel, M, and M3 Alloy Wheel.
  Download archive of all BMW cursors (37k)

Download BMW_SPIN.ANI (45k)
  Spinning Roundel cursor
Download BMW_ARRO.ANI (45k)
  Spinning Roundel with arrow
Download BMW_SPNM.ANI (90k)
  Spinning ///M cursor
Download BMW_M3W1.ANI (27k)
  1995 M3 Wheel with arrow
  Last BMW Posting: January 16, 1997

I've completed a revised version of the spinning logo, and if you are using one of my older ones, you may want download this new one to replace it. This one is smoother than the older ones, yet still retains a clean edge. For the "working in background" cursors you've now got more choices. I've completed a spinning roundel (with arrow) and a spinning ///M logo as well. Some may want to use the Spinning ///M in the standard "wait" cursor position. The older M3 alloy wheel cursor is still available as well. Some other cursors (non-BMW) are now posted below.

You will need PKZIP to use the archive file

Click here for installation instructions

  Download VW_WAIT.ANI (40k)
  NEW Spinning VW Logo

Download archive of cursors below (26k)

Download MGB_WAIT.ANI (45k)
  Spinning MGB Octagon cursor
Download MGB_ARRO.ANI (45k)
  Spinning Octagon with arrow

Download 57CHEVBL.ANI (90k)
  Rotating 1957 Chevy (Aqua)
Download 57CHEVRD.ANI (27k)
  Rotating 1957 Chevy (Red)
  Revised February 21, 1997


Cursors for Volkswagen and MGB are available below, as well a spinning '57 Chevy convertible. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see other available cursors.